Into the Third Dimension
Drawing Rooms at the Hamburger Kunsthalle

With the exhibition Drawing Rooms the Hamburger Kunsthalle shows how the medium of drawing is conquering space and being set in motion in animations. While the first part of this exhibition project illustrated the development from the 1950s to current positions, the second part focuses on wall drawings, installations, and virtual animations. The project has been supported by Deutsche Bank in whose corporate collections drawings play an important part. Consequently many artists from the Deutsche Bank Collection are represented in Drawing Rooms II, for instance Silvia Bächli, Hubert Kiecol, Korpys / Löffler, Arnulf Rainer, and Franz Erhard Walther. Also on view are works by two "Artists of the Year"Roman Ondák (2012) and Kemang Wa Lehulere (2017), to whom the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin devotes a comprehensive solo exhibition in spring 2017. The focus of Drawing RoomsII has been placed on contemporary positions that deal with the expansion of drawings into real, imagined or virtual space. For example, in the works of the artist duo Carolin Jörg and Michael Fragstein, the ink drawings “liquefy” and spread with the help of augmented reality apps, thus involving the viewer in the drawing and artistic process.   

Waiting is the theme of a large-scale exhibition starting on February 17 at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. This exhibition is also supported by Deutsche Bank. Time spent waiting is much more than simply ‘unused’ or lost time. Waiting provides an opportunity for reflection, creativity, and deceleration. But it can also be a reflection of social standing and status: people in a position of power do not wait; they have others wait. In WAITING. Between Power and Possibility works by more than 23 international contemporary artists like Elmgreen & DragsetAndreas Gursky, Tobias Rehberger, or Tobias Zielony adress this existential topic.

Drawing RoomsII. Positions of Contemporary Graphic Works
until 5/21/2017

WAITING. Between Power and Possibility
2/17 – 6/18/17

Kunsthalle Hamburg