Luminale 2016
Frankfurt Becomes an Urban Light Laboratory

Every other year, the Luminale transforms the Frankfurt area into a stage for international light art. Parallel to the architecture fair Light+Building, the festival is now taking place for the eighth time. Once again, Deutsche Bank is one of the hosts. While in 2014 the interactive light object TWINKLE TWINKLE glittered in front of the Deutsche Bank Towers, this year the more than 100-year-old bank building at the Roßmarkt is illuminated. And this is in keeping with the history of the house. For his exhibition Scheinbares, Tom Groll projected historical banknotes on the 900-meter façade of the building using state-of-the-art digital processing technology. The fascinating installation reflects history and at the same time draws attention to symbols, motifs, and people considered so valuable that they found a place on banknotes.  

For Scheinbares, a Multi Media Offroad Vehicle is being used for the first time within the framework of the Luminale. Its three-chip high-performance projector emits the light from the lamp initially onto a chip. The latter then reflects it with a million micromirrors, one for each pixel, of which Tom Groll’s installation has almost seven million. Depending on the position, the micromirrors make the pixels appear on the surface in different degrees of brightness, which makes the installation look almost like a living painting.

Other highlights of this year’s festival are Christopher Bauder’s light-kinetic performance in the Mousonturm, the light meditation room of the artist duo Hartung & Trenz in St. Catherine’s Church, and Eberhard Bosslet’s Blitzlichtgewitter, or lightning storm, in the Haus am Dom. In the neighboring city of Offenbach, the Harbor Point transforms the urban development area into an emblem of light visible from afar, while the Heyne factory is illuminated by a group of Dutch artists from Ilo University in Amsterdam.    

Luminale 2016
3/13/2016 – 3/18/2016
Frankfurt and Offenbach metropolitan ara

The Luminale bus line leaves from the City entrance to Messe Frankfurt starting at 6 pm at 15-minute intervals. A Luminale express bus runs between Frankfurt and Offenbach and then on a circuit around Offenbach every hour.

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