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Happy Birthday! Deutsche Bank Congratulates the
Städel Museum on its 200th Anniversary

Long lines already started forming in the afternoon. Over 10,000 visitors came last weekend when the Städel Museum celebrated its 200th birthday with a big community festival. For ten hours there were guided tours, workshops, music, and kids’ projects. Everyone was invited to take part in a free tour through the exhibition Monet and the Birth of Impressionism, which was opened especially for the occasion. While chamber music ensembles from the hr Symphony Orchestra played works from Bach to Reich in the various different sections of the collection such as the Old Masters, Modern Art, and Contemporary Art, Czech artist Eva Kotátková’s performance-based installations Part bodies/part objects were staged in the Metzler Hall.

Many prominent figures, including government speaker Steffen Seibert, presented their favorite paintings in the tour series My Städel. In the afternoon, in front of the main entrance, a grass-green birthday cake over two meters high and shaped like the grass-covered museum roof was cut into slices in the inner courtyard. During the official birthday celebration, State Cultural Minister Monika Grütters (CDU) called the Städel a “jewel on the Main that not only Frankfurt, but all of Germany can be proud of.” Hardly any other museum is “held aloft by the civic spirit of art loving contemporaries” in quite the same way.

The Städel on Frankfurt’s museum bank is not only one of Germany’s most important art museums, but also the country’s oldest civil museum foundation. Founded by the Frankfurt banker and patron Johann Friedrich Städel, who laid the cornerstone in his testament of 1815, its goal was to offer all of Frankfurt’s citizens equal access to cultural education.

The museum adheres to this aim to this day. Just in time for the anniversary celebration, it’s presented two new digital offers: beginning on March 15, the Digital Collection provides a completely new type of access to the museum’s collection consisting in a search function as well as a digital stroll through 700 years of art history. Starting immediately, a newly developed Städel app offers all you need to know about visiting the museum, extended background information on the masterpieces in the collection, and up-to-date audio guides on the special exhibitions. The app, designed for iOS and Android, can be obtained free of charge in most stores.

Deutsche Bank congratulates the museum on its anniversary as one of the companies, along with foundations and private citizens, that have supported the building of the annex to present contemporary art. The light-filled exhibition hall, installed beneath the Städel Garden in 2012, has added approximately 30,000 square feet of additional exhibition space; it’s the museum’s largest addition to date, both in terms of content and architecture. On the occasion of this event, Deutsche Bank and the Städel already agreed in 2008 on the long-term transfer of 60 paintings and sculptures, 161 original works on paper, and 379 prints, of which a large section can now be seen in the garden halls. The long-term loan from the Deutsche Bank Collection marks the highlight of a partnership between the two institutions that has been traditionally close.

To mark the 200-year anniversary, Deutsche Bank supports the exhibition The 80ies. Figurative Painting in West-Germany, in which numerous works on loan from the corporate collection can be seen. The exhibition presents around 80 works by nearly 20 artists including Rainer Fetting, Martin Kippenberger, Helmut Middendorf, Salomé, and Andreas Schulze; it makes the dynamics of this paintingvisible in all its complexity and diversity.

The 80ies. Figurative Painting in West-Germany

7/22 – 10/18/2015
Städel Museum, Frankfurt

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