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Art and Diplomacy - Hillary Rodham Clinton Awards Artists from the Deutsche Bank Collection
In spring of 2013 the "Deutsche Bank KunstHalle" opens in Berlin with the "Artist of the Year" Imran Quereshi
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Poetic Topography - Gabriel Orozco´s Asterisms Now at the Guggenheim New York
Look at Me! Schirn Explores the Private Sphere
Berlin - Plein Air: Deutsche Bank supports major show of Christopher Lehmpfuhl´s work
Material is Everything - Tony Cragg Awarded the Cologne Fine Art Prize


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Look at Me!
Schirn Explores the Private Sphere

These are the kinds of photos everyone owns and everyone knows: of weddings, of vacations, of smiling friends. They are memories in pictures, a potpourri of 304 individually framed snapshots. Fiona Tan‘s Vox Populi Tokyo (2007) offers a glimpse into the lives of others. Normally, the work hangs on the 31th floor of Tower B of Deutsche Bank’s Head Office in Frankfurt that is dedicated to Tan‘s works. Along with works by Mike Bouchet, who is also a “floor artist” in the Towers, it has moved temporarily to the Schirn Kunsthalle, where it is on view in the Privacy exhibition until February 3, 2013.

The show explores the “public nature of the intimate”. Privacy – in the times of Facebook and reality TV this almost seems like a concept from the past. Exhibitionism, self-revelation, and voyeurism seem ubiquitous. Even in the arts. Showcasing around 30 international artistic positions, the extensive group show Privacy explores the fragile boundaries between the public and the private sphere. Photographs, Polaroids, cell-phone photos, objects, installations and films show domestic scenes and reveal personal secrets, familiar and intimate things. Tracey Emin installs her used bed in the middle of the exhibition space, Ai Weiwei shows photos he has posted on his blog and Mark Morrisroe reveals intimate situations from his hedonistic life in the Punk scenes of Boston and New York. Marilyn Minter portrays her own mother, who practically never left the house and whose life took place in bed. The photographs Leigh Ledare took of his mother Tina Peterson and combines into a complex psychological tableau fluctuate between eliciting shock and empathy. Evan Baden addresses the omnipresent culture, fueled by social networks and digital media, of revealing everything about oneself and has produced images that show how young girls present themselves on the Net. Like many works in the exhibition, Baden’s paintings confirm what sociologists postulate: Today privacy is an illusion. We live in the “post-privacy” era.  

11/01/12 – 02/03/13
Schirn Kunsthalle
Frankfurt am Main

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