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Berlin – Plein Air
Deutsche Bank supports major show of Christopher Lehmpfuhl’s work

More, perhaps, than any other contemporary artist, Christopher Lehmpfuhl recoded the changes Berlin has undergone over the years. The results were over 400 paintings, for the most part large in scale. The unique thing about his city views is that they are always painted on site, out of doors. Vivid colors, sharp contrasts, detailed areas and sections left blurry—Lehmpfuhl records his impressions directly and spontaneously: “The atmosphere of a location plays a crucial role, and so does the weather,” explains the artist, who was born in Berlin in 1972. “When there’s a storm or other outdoor event such as rain, cold, or heat, I tend to work much more expressively, and more pastose, than when the wind is still. Everywhere I look I see movement, spatial depths, shapes, and a wide range of light temperatures.”

Berlin – Plein Air is the title of Lehmpfuhl’s major solo show. The exhibition, supported by Deutsche Bank, is presented in the Alte Münze, a historical building in the center of the capital. Around 200 paintings made between 1995 and 2010 come together to create a remarkable panorama of German history following Reunification. “We feel especially connected to the work of Christopher Lehmpfuhl because he has repeatedly presented the city of Berlin to us in new and manifold ways,” says Christofer Habig, Global Head of Brand Communications & Corporate Citizenship at Deutsche Bank. “His Berlin works are a good example for the fact that art creates new perspectives and can make what seems familiar accessible in new ways.”

Berlin – Plein Air. Painting from 1995-2010
11/22 – 12/23/2012
Alte Münze, Berlin

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