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The "Artist of the Year" 2011 at the Deutsche Guggenheim
"Yto Barrada Is an All-Around Cultural Producer" - A Conversation with Andrée Sfeir-Semler
Success Story - Deutsche Bank Supports the Hong Kong International Art Fair
Art works: The Art in the Towers
The Devil’s in the Detail: Nedko Solakov’s Commissioned Work for Deutsche Bank
Mohamed Camara: I play with the beauty of the moment
Globe. For Frankfurt and the World: the art and performance program in celebration of the opening of the Towers
The Otolith Group at Globe
“Creative Tripwiring”: Magne Furuholmen on the Absurd Universe of Apparatjik
Keren Cytter: Fear, Fun and Fire
All about the new art in the Deutsche Bank Towers


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Globe. For Frankfurt and the World
Art and Performances Celebrating the Opening of the Towers

Globe. For Frankfurt and the World, the event program celebrating the opening from March 2 through April 15, is every bit as international as the art in the Towers. Globe focuses on the moving disciplines in art—performance, film, video, and concerts.

Tobias Rehberger. Design for Live Safer Bar. © the artist

The title of the art program to be held in the temporary art space in the Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt triggers two associations: globalism and the famous London Shakespeare theater, the Globe. Accordingly, the events are different kinds of performing arts. Performance, dance, film, and video are the mainstay of the seven-week program, which will be shaped each week by a different international artist and his or her guests. In addition to talks, music is a further focus of Globe. The project room is situated on the ground floor of the Towers and opens to the public as of Wednesday to Friday from the early evening to midnight. The individual events will shape the character of the space. The spectrum ranges from a café and video lounge to a theater and club. The event series celebrates the reopening of the Deutsche Bank Towers. Following three years of modernization, the building is not only state-of-the-art in terms of sustainability, but also stands for openness and innovation. Presenting a wide variety of art in a clearly structured manner, the Towers offer access to a world of art which, particularly in the twenty-first century, reflects global thinking, creativity, and courage for the new values which have decisively influenced Deutsche Bank´s selfimage and will continue to do so in the future.

The Globe program is curated by an international renowned team, including Daniel Birnbaum, who was the director of the 2009 Venice Biennale, is now the new director of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and until recently was the rector of the Städelschule, the Frankfurt based fine arts academy; his successor in Frankfurt, the architect and art theoretician Nikolaus Hirsch; as well as the artists Judith Hopf and Willem de Rooij, both of whom teach at the Städelschule. The interior design for Globe, created by Nikolaus Hirsch and Michel Müller, contrasts the rough surface of the concrete with colorful furniture and curtains. This color mood alludes to the color code of the new art concept of the Deutsche Bank Towers, where each color stands for a different region – Asia / Pacific, the Americas, Middle East / Africa, Europe, and Germany. Tobias Rehberger, who won the Golden Lion at the 2009 Venice Biennale and is a professor at the Städelschule, designed the bar. The operator of the Live Safer Bar is the Robert Johnson-team, Frankfurt.

March 02 – March 04, 2011
Apparatjik: Mini Summit Sustaining Creativity Creating Sustainability

Guy Berryman (London)
Jonas Bjerre (Copenhagen)
Magne Furuholmen (Oslo)
Martin Terefe (London)
Ute Meta Bauer (Cambridge)

Laura Anderson Barbata (Mexico-City/New York City)
Joseph Grima (Mailand)
Holger Hagge (Frankfurt am Main)
Nikolaus Hirsch (Frankfurt am Main)
Erik Ljunggren (Oslo)
Linda Poppe (Berlin)
virtual Guest: Max Tegmark (Cambridge)

Apparatjik is a transdisciplinary working collective founded in 2008 by four world-renowned musicians: Jonas Bjerre (MEW), Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Magne Furuholmen (a-ha) and producer Martin Terefe. Apparatjik functions as an experimental platform and collaborates with media technicians, designers, and scientists. Ute Meta Bauer (MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology) joins the collective as artistic director on special occasions. Apparatjik’s live debut took place in 2010 at the Berlin club WMF in a cube inspired by László Moholy-Nagy‘s legendary Light-Space-Modulator. Live Guests of Apparatjik are Mexican artist Laura Anderson Barbata; Linda Poppe, Survival International Germany; Holger Hagge, architect and person responsible at Deutsche Bank for the modernization of the Towers; Nikolaus Hirsch, rector of Städelschule, Joseph Grima, editor-in-chief Domus magazine; and musician Erik Ljunggren.

March 09 – March 11,2011

Janine Rostron Planningtorock (Berlin)

Oni Ayhun (Berlin) / visuals by MFO (Berlin)
L.E.C. aka Leif Erich Christensen (Berlin/Hong Kong)
Johannes Paul Raether (Berlin)
Jam Roll (Kansas City)
No Bra (New York City)
Slaves (London/New York City)

© L.E.C/

Planningtorock. © the artist

Feminism, gender mix, politics in the digital age – these ideas have inspired Janine Rostron. With her one-woman show Planningtorock, the British musician and conceptual artist has attained cult status in a short time. The trained musician combines opulent string arrangements with music, virtuoso singing, and psychedelic videos into energycharged events. In addition to a concert and films by Planningtorock, there will be video screenings, performances by the artists L.E.C. aka Leif Erich Christensen, Johannes Paul Raether, and Slaves. A DJ Session by Jam Roll, Techno from Oni Ayhun and Electro Pop from No Bra supplement the program.

March 16 – March 18, 2011
The Otolith Group: A Sunken Trembling, Recalled Dimly

The Otolith Group
Kodwo Eshun (London)
Anjalika Sagar (London)

Guests, i.a.
Lise Autogena (Newcastle) & Joshua Portway
Rayya Badran (Beirut)
Justin Barton (London)
Dopplereffekt (München)
Mark Fisher (London)
Brian W. Rogers (Santa Cruz)

Courtesy The Otolith Group

The films, photoworks, installations, curatorial projects, screening programs, discussion platforms and publications of The Otolith Group explore the accumulated science fictions of the present in order to reflect upon the powers and capacities of historical futures. Founded in London in 2002, The Otolith Group consists of Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun. The artists take their name from the otoliths – the calcium carbonate micro-crystals found within the inner ear that are responsible for balance. In 2010, The Otolith Group was nominated for the Turner Prize. For Globe, The Otolith Group has composed a program consisting of films, talks, audio-essays and a concert by Dopplereffekt. Invited artists are Lise Autogena, theorist and filmmaker Brian W. Rogers, writer and theorist Rayya Badran and artist Justin Barton in collaboration with critic, theorist, blogger and author Mark Fisher.

March 23 – March 25, 2011
Keren Cytter: Fear, Fun and Fire

Keren Cytter (Berlin)

Charles Arsène-Henry (London)
Diedrich Diederichsen (Berlin/Wien)
Andrew Kerton (Berlin)
Philipp Kleinmichel (Berlin)
Dafna Maimon (Berlin)
Maria and the Mirrors (London)
John Maus (Minneapolis)
Susie Meyer (Berlin)
Fabian Stumm (Berlin)

John Maus. Photo: Roland Owsnitzki

Keren Cytter. © Absolut Vodka

The Israeli artist Keren Cytter shoots videos, choreographs dance performances, writes novellas, and has even penned an opera libretto. Her film works deal with human relationships and plumb the depths of the human psyche. They are assemblies of high- and pop-cultural quotations, citing classic movies, experimental films, and YouTube clips in equal measure. Cytter represents a young generation of artists who break all genre boundaries. Her three events are each devoted to one state or element under the motto "Fear, Fun and Fire." The author Charles Arsène-Henry and the premiere of Cytter’s horror movie Don’t Touch Me Psychopath instill fear. Critic and author Diedrich Diederichsen, the London punk band Maria and the Mirrors, and the performers Andrew Kerton and Dafna Maimon provide joy. The performers Susie Meyer and Fabian Stumm, cultural theorist Philipp Kleinmichel, and the music of underground star John Maus ignite.

March 30 – April 01, 2011
Cao Fei: A Three Days Treatment

Cao Fei (Beijing)

Daniel Birnbaum (Stockholm)
Cao Chong’en (Guangzhou/Vancouver)
He Yufan (Beijing)
Nikolaus Hirsch (Frankfurt am Main)
Huang He (Guangzhou)
Huang Shan (Guangzhou)
Jiang Jun (Beijing)
Jiang Zhi (Beijing/Shenzhen)
Zafka Zhang (Beijing)
Zhang Wei (Beijing/Guangzhou)

Cao Fei: Photo © the artist

In her installations, Cao Fei combines influences of global pop culture with elements from the Peking Opera and dance. She works with film and animation, as well as on the internet. She realized her project RMB City on Second Life, as a utopian city where avatar China Tracy acts. For Globe Cao Fei will introduce a completely new artistic practice: visitors can practice coffee yoga with China Tracy and experience what the Frankfurt School and Zen have in common. In addition to the performance Two as One by He Yufan and Jiang Jun the program includes a live sculpturing by Cao Chong'en, music by Zafka Zhang, a Fengshui-performance by Huang Shan and Huang He as well as the discussion The Pavilion. Cao Fei talks with Daniel Birnbaum, director of the Moderna Museet, Nikolaus Hirsch, rector of the Städelschule, Beijing artist Jian Zhi and Zhang Wei, director of Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou.

April 06 – April 08, 2011
Ei Arakawa: Reorienting Orientationalism, New Directions (Haircolour) International Class 2011

Ei Arakawa (New York City)

Henning Bohl (Berlin)
Yuki Kimura (Kyoto)
Q Takeki Maeda (Berlin/Kyoto)
Mélanie Mermod (Paris)
Ken Okiishi (New York City)
Carissa Rodriguez (New York City)
Sergei Tcherepnin (New York City)

Ei Arakawa. © the artist

Ei Arakawa‘s performances move between action and ceremony. With different materials such as video films, banners, and posters, which "illustrate" choreographies, he creates situations in which the boundaries between actor and audience disappear. In Frankfurt, he and his friends will articulate the cultural and aesthetic transfer between Japan and the Western art scene. All guests recently visited Japan in order to develop this project. The program consists of performances, talks, concerts, and films by the artists Henning Bohl, Carissa Rodriguez, Q Takeki Maeda, Yuki Kimura, Mélanie Mermod, Ken Okiishi, and the New York composer Sergei Tcherepnin. It will be supplemented by daily changing exhibitions and a project on the legendary Japanese artists’ group Jikken Kobo from the early 1950s.

April 13 – April 15, 2011
Rabih Mroué: Three evenings with Rabih Mroué and friends

Rabih Mroué (Beirut)

Diana Allan (Beirut)
Tony Chakar (Beirut)
Simon Haber (Beirut)
Joana Hadjithomas (Paris)
Khalil Joreige (Paris)
Lamia Joreige (Beirut)
Ziad Nawfal (Beirut)
Maher Abi Samra (Beirut)
Scrambled Eggs (Beirut)

How Nancy wishes that everything was an April Fool's joke by Rabih Mroué. Photo Kohei Matsushima

Self Portrait as a Fountain, Rabih Mroué. © the artist

Scrambeld Eggs © by Tanya Traboulsi

Rabih Mroué engages with cultural and political processes. His meticulously staged theatrical performances and videos explore relationships between different artistic languages and the interaction between performer and audience. For "Globe" Mroué invited his friends from Beirut. Alternative Sounds characterize Ziad Nawfal’s live broadcast for Radio Lebanon and a concert by Scrambled Eggs, one of the most distinguished young Beirut rock bands. Films by Simon Haber, Maher Abi Samra, Lamia Joreige, and Diana Allan will be shown, and a performance by the filmmakers Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige will be staged. The program moreover includes lectures by Rabih Mroué and a talk by the artist, architect, and essayist Tony Chakar.

Robert Johnson: Live Safer Bar

Robert Johnson. © Robert Johnson

For seven weeks the legendary Robert Johnson dance club will be a guest in the Towers, operating the Live Safer Bar. Thanks to the extraordinary line-ups, a visit is a must for fans of electronic sounds. There will be an exquisite selection of drinks found no where else in Frankfurt, as well as delicious sandwiches and sweets.

Tobias Rehberger

As one of the most important German artists, Tobias Rehberger operates at the interface between art and design. In 2009, his cafeteria was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale. In the Deutsche Bank Towers an entire floor is devoted to Rehberger, who is a professor at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. For Globe, he had the Robert Johnson Live Safer Bar printed with motifs referring to the legendary punk club CBGB in New York's Bowery district.

Tobias Rehberger. Design for Live Safer Bar. © the artist

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