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Collector’s Item - The Print Issue of db artmag for Frieze


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Collector’s Item
The Print Issue of db artmag for Frieze

This year, on the occasion of the Frieze Art Fair, a print edition of db artmag has once again been published for distribution at the London fair. For the first time, two young artists have created a limited edition for the magazine. The American Sharon Hayes and the Dane Tue Greenfort belong to a generation that combines conceptual thought and aesthetic strategy with political content while calling the art establishment critically into question. Works by both artists are part of the Deutsche Bank Collection, and both have contributed to this year’s Frieze Projects, the fair’s curated special projects program. Hayes and Greenfort have each created 15 hand-signed editions that are "hidden" in random copies of db artmag. Finders receive an exclusive work of art and a collector’s item in one.

Like the exhibition in the Deutsche Bank Lounge at Frieze, the print edition’s focus is on "Artists as Teachers." It includes reports on the Brazilian art star Vik Muniz, who works on projects with children from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, and on Michael-Craig Martin, Damien Hirst’s former teacher. Deutsche Bank is also supporting this year’s Education Space again at the London fair, which offers children and young people access to contemporary art in a manner tailored to their respective ages. Deutsche Bank has been the main sponsor of the Frieze Art Fair for the past five years; the cooperation was recently extended through the end of 2010.

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