Fondazione Prada – “Finite Rants”

Milan’s Fondazione Prada, one of Deutsche Bank’s ArtCard partner museums, is using the temporary closure of museums and cultural institutions in Italy as an occasion for an intellectual online experiment. The title Finite Rants means “limited ranting.” The project, curated by Luigi Alberto Cippini and Niccolò Gravina, brings together eight visual essays by artists, filmmakers, and intellectuals commissioned by the Fondazione Prada. Among them are the German filmmaker and author Alexander Kluge, the Japanese photographer Satoshi Fujiwara, the American director and actor Brady Corbet, and the French directors Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel, who are regarded as innovators of young French film.

The inspiration for the project came from Chris Marker’s legendary science fiction short film La Jetée (1962). This dystopian essay on time travel and World War III, whose sequences were assembled exclusively from photographs, redefined experimental film. Final Rants follows this essayistic tradition, dealing with topics such as terrorism, censorship, and non-human life forms. The show is certainly not conducive to switching off and relaxing, but to waking up.

Finite Rants
Online project
Fondazione Prada, Milan